I have developed a variety of ways to work with learners, according to individual needs and aspirations.

Plastics and isolation is a training technique that helps you explore physical impulses in order to encourage your practice, while discovering ways to communicate your material theatrically to your fellow actors.

Physics is all about rhythm, and it’s about teamwork. Tune into working with an ensemble.

Placement and grounding use many different breathing exercises to begin with, and we then start crafting your acting voice in different qualities and ranges through techniques of grounding, projection, articulation, and resonation.

Pleasure exercises is a place where you are free to discover and share your emotions without judgment, building up your confidence in performing a variety of exercises placing satisfaction and enjoyment at the center.

Improvisation is learning to hear yourself and the group, to trust your impulses. Learn to welcome actions that offer possibilities to excite an improvisation further.

Clowning, we all have a clown inside, trust your inner clown and let it be unleashed on stage, this is an exciting journey of self-discovery through numerous funny exercises.

Script writing, a text is generated (devised) from physical exercises and durational improvisation sessions, and we learn how to further improve it and place it into a cultural context relating to existing texts.

Through identifying core strengths and building trust in your own capabilities, we can build a solid foundation for further learning.

Because of my strong interest in education, placing mentoring at the center of my own practice, I offer my experience to groups and individuals, who are interested in a range of stimulating workshops to develop their own projects or interests.



Physical Theatre & Performing Arts Classes



Academic Teaching



Border Art Seminars



Physical Theatre Workshops



Teaching Work


BRUNEL University

Course Leader and Lecturer on BTEC Performing Arts Department 2012-2014

Invited Lecturer delivering master classes on Physical Theatre 2008

Barnet College

Barnet College

Invited artist delivered intensive workshop on Clowning in London 2011

Invited artist delivered intensive workshop on Physical Theatre in Krakow 2006

EMBROS Acting Laboratory

Physical Fest

Teaching Devised Theatre, and clowning 2010-11

Invited artist delivered intensive workshop no Physical Theatre in Liverpool 2003-2005



Teaching Drama improvisation 2010-11

Invited artist delivered intensive workshop on Physical Theatre in Ravenna 2005

ARHI Drama School


Teaching developing movement for actors 2010

Invited artist delivered intensive workshop on Physical Theatre in Bologna 2002


Invited artist delivered master classes on Devising Theatre 2008



Bachelor Degree
in Acting at ARHI Drama School, completed 2000

Ecole Philippe Gaulier
The Clown 2002

Master Degree
in Digital Performance at Brunel University, completed 2008

Rhizome Lee
Subbbody body Butoh intensive workshop Syros 2012

Master class – workshop (Moving sculptures) Dimitria Festival 2014

La Pocha Nostra
Intensive workshop Athens 2015

Christina Georgiou
senceSelfessence, workshop on Performing arts 2015



La Pocha Nostra Intensive Workshop



Ulay Master class – Workshop



Rhizome Lee Subbbody Butoh Intensive Workshop



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